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California Illustration Requirements

California requires that all pages of a signed illustration are submitted with the life insurance application. Fidelity & Guaranty Life will not be able to process any California applications which do not include this signed illustration.

The e-signature within the e-App platform DOES NOT apply signatures to the illustration; this must be done prior to uploading the illustration to the e-App.

Using FGL web-based or “desktop” illustration software, an NAIC compliant illustration should be generated and presented to the client. The client has the option to “e-sign” the illustration using the technology within our illustration software. Please note: FGL is not able to accept e-signatures utilizing any other tool outside of the FGL-approved technology. Alternately, the illustration can be printed, a “wet” signature collected and then the signed illustration can be scanned and saved to the computer.

Please note: the signature date on the illustration must be on or before the application signed date.

Once all pages of the signed illustration have been saved as a document on the computer, you may proceed by uploading in the e-App platform.

Illustration Instructions in Life e-App:

You will be presented with a list of the documents available for upload on your computer. Select the correct SIGNED illustration.

Look for the notification that the upload was successful, and then check the box indicating that you have uploaded the signed illustration.

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